How to Talk to a Technician?!?

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Sitting at your computer working away then BAM!!
 Something happened, can’t print, mouse moves slow, can’t get on the internet. In any case it means a trip or a call to someone that can help. Now the scenarios begin to run through your head… you know they will ask you what’s wrong and what happened? You can’t really answer either of those questions.

You want to call and talk to a friend that “knows” computers maybe they can take a look at it, But It all comes back to the same thing. What happened?

Fortunately this time you’re talking to a experienced computer tech (we do exist) and they start asking you questions, you answer and more questions, you answer again and they say they may have an idea what’s going on. It feels like the old days when you would take your car to the mechanic and describe as best you can the problem and they would know what to look at and look for. Fix it and you’d be on your way again.

Solving computer problems is like that, the unknown is the problem that brought you to them in the first place. The known issue is what you experienced before something happened and how your computer works when there are no issues.

Finally the experience of the technician you are working with. They have seen lots of problems with lots of people. So the idea is to get a good explanation from you, let them compare it to their experience and suggest the solution.

We all know the drill of trying to explain to someone that can only speak “geek”, you wonder if this dance will end and they will actually be able to fix the computer. In my 20+ years in the industry I have seen many many issues and resolved nearly all of them, and learned from everyone of them. So like that old mechanic I have decades of experience and just need to be told what is going on, to find the most likely solution.

I decided to put my experience down and create something that would help my customer’s. I know it can help you too when speaking to any technical person specifically about their computer issues.

In it I give the insight of why I ask the questions I ask and What I came up with, after showing it to several of my clients is a WINNER!!!

My book titled “How to Talk to a Technician?!?” is available now for only $3.99 So before you have another unfruitful conversation with your technician, pickup a copy of this book in either PDF format (good for laptops or PCs with large monitors or EPUB format which are great for electronic reading devices like the Amazon Kindle or tablets and smartphones with an e-reader app installed. Get it directly from my website right here from any connected device. Happy Computing!!